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Like a a bouquet next to a grave,
a stranger waving on a bad day
Thing ain't been easy i wont lie,
but your eyes are bluer when you cry

I've been gambling like a fiend,
And losing like I don't know what it means
I'm doubling down on my promises,
Come baby let me play house

Love is money and money is tough,
To come by these days
Broke we're broke but broke is better,
Then being rich and counterfeit

You pulled the door shut behind you
Let the silent treatment begin
It's been so quiet lately I must like it
But I wanna talk so please let me in

Ask me why it's been so hard
I just can't seem to get a grip
It was Long ago But I had control
i loved you and i still love you you know?

Love is love and love is easy
To declare like victory
But it's just a word and my word is nothing
If you can't put your trust in me

I wanna stay right here forever
Through heaven and through hell
I could be your savior I could be the devil
But I'll be beside you just as well

Happiness is priceless happiness is free
I'm gonna labor for this love
Pain is pain but pain is true
There ain't nothing good that never hurt
Let me hurt you, you can hurt me too


released July 21, 2017
Kyle Vizina




NISULA Rosamond, California

NISULA is a band from Southern California made of one person and a couple of guitars.

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